• open source consulting
  • Open Source Consulting Inc.has focused on building technology solutions and services for “Cloud & Culture Migration”, since its establishment in 2012. open source consulting

    As a platinum partner of Atlassian, we have lots of practical experiences in technical/application/system architecture consulting and developments with Atlassian solutions. On top of these expertise, we can provide Atlassian based ITSM and DevOps solutions, comprehensive methodology consulting services. And we are developing and servicing the marketplace apps that help customers use Atlassian more efficiently.

    We also have expertise in the latest open source technologies such as virtualization, cloud consulting, DevOps, MSA, container architecture, etc. With our expertise and experience, we are developing and providing Playce solutions - open source based cloud solutions.

Open Source Consulting is honored as
‘Atlassian Partner of the Year 2019 : Marketing Innovator’

Official announcement by Atlassian, click here

Our Business

  • Private Cloud Migration

    OpenStack cloud packaging and technical support

    Building a Kubernetes-based container environment

    Private(IaaS/PaaS), Hybrid cloud technical support and maintenance

  • Public Cloud Migration

    Public cloud(AWS, GCP, NBP) and data center migration consulting

    Evaluating AS-IS systems(IT Asset Discovery) and Assessment of the cloud readiness

    U2L/U2C migration consulting and implementation

    Open source middleware, OS, APM solution technical support

  • Culture Migration

    Atlassian adoption and Data Center/Cloud migration consulting

    DevOps, ITSM implementation services using Atlassian products

    Developing Atlassian Marketplace App

    Agile and Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) methodology guide and certification training

Our Products

Flexible User License for Jira/confluence

Atlassian marketplace app helps solve the user license shortage issue in Atlassian products

Flexible User License for Jira/confluence

  is the cloud solutions to enhance customer’s business competitiveness.

  • Web Application Server

    More Powerful & Upgraded Cloud Infrastructure
    through Web Application Server
  • Cloud Migration Solution

    Fast and Easy Large-scale Migration to the Cloud!
  • IaaS & PaaS Cloud Platform

    Optimized Open Source Community Packaging!

Our Partners

  • 아마존웹서비스
  • 휴렛패커드엔터프라이즈
  • 레드햇
  • 아틀라시안
  • Oracle
  • G2G3
  • NBP
  • iobeya
  • agile transform

Our Customer

  • 삼성전자
  • 삼성SDS
  • 삼성카드
  • 삼성화재
  • 삼성생명
  • 르노삼성자동차
  • 삼성증권
  • 한화
  • 한화투자증권
  • 한화생명
  • LH
  • 케이프투자증권
  • 현대중공업
  • 현대제철
  • 현대일렉트릭
  • 한화펀드서비스
  • 하나금융티아이
  • 근로복지공단
  • 메트라이프
  • 미래에셋생명
  • 미래에셋대우
  • 코스콤
  • 서울특별시
  • 서울특별시교육청
  • 정보통합전산센터
  • ETRI
  • KETI
  • 동부생명
  • 케이비증권
  • 롯데글로벌로지스
  • 에듀윌
  • NIPA
  • 신한은행
  • 신한금융투자
  • 아식스코리아
  • 쿠팡
  • 카카오
  • 우아한형제들
  • NS홈쇼핑
  • 하나투어
  • toss
  • 메리츠화재
  • 메리츠증권
  • 기상청
  • 인청광역시
  • 강화군
  • 국립생태원
  • biztech